Car Audio Store Berkeley, CA

Arden Audio is Berkeley’s leading custom car audio, marine audio, and cellular, security and accessory center that offersthe best in Car Audio. Are you looking to upgrade your stereo or looking for killer sound in your car, Arden Audio is a one-stop-destination that offers the latest technology from the most trusted brand. We, at Arden Audio Berkeley, offer a large selection of brand electronics, qualified sales, and installation available at a competitive price.

We carry all the components from the top-notch brands to help you in achieving your desired audio goals. We specialize in car stereos, woofers, amplifiers, video installation, audio systems, car security, Alarms & remote start systems, marine audio, subs, and vehicle lighting. With Arden Audio Berkeley, all you can expect the most distinguished service from our courteous and knowledgeable team of car electronics experts. Allow us to take care of all your car audio installation needs in order to make your car sound good too.

Car Stereo & Speaker Shop Berkeley, CA

Arden Audio houses a range of in-car audio and visual equipment from the top-notch brands,which are exclusively designed to offer you with classic in-car entertainment. We, at Arden Audio, provide a wide range of different brands as well as a different style of speakers to match your tastes and preferences.
Are you looking for superior control over your in-car stereo systems? Arden Audio provides a range of branded woofers, sub-woofers, and tweeters, which are ideal for superior control over in-car stereo systems. Get a wide range of component speakers that are perfect for those who prefer more straightforward audio equipment.

Arden Audio Berkeley is a one-stop-solution for speakers from the most trusted brands like Kenwood, Pioneer, Mutant, Sony, TVC, and much more, which are perfect for your in-car audio and visual system. You can also count on us for a wide range of speaker accessories in order to enhance your in-car audio performance further. Allow us to offer you speakers, subwoofers, car amplifiers, custom SubBox enclosure, Sub & Amp Packages, and Active Subwoofers for louder play with minimal distortion.

Window Tinting for Berkeley, CA

Arden Audio is one of the specialists in Car Window Tinting based in Berkeley, CA. We, at Arden Audio Berkeley, represent the pinnacle with the ultimate objective of providing the best in Window Tinting that satisfies a wide range of discerning customers. Let your car stands out from the crowd with Arden Audio that uses high-quality Window Tint Film which is available in a wide range of shades to suit your car as well as your choice. For years, we have been gained recognition in the application of window films, security films as well as tinted laminates for all vehicles.

Allow us to offer you high-end American Window films that help in solar protection, good thermal insulation, UV rejection, factory-match tinted glass, and privacy along with the finest installations available each time.

Car Alarm Instalment Berkeley, CA

Get Car alarm, car security, tracking systems, immobilizers, Viper, and Clifford-all under one roof at Arden Audio Berkeley. Each year Berkeley, CA, experiences more than 6000 incidents of auto theft, which makes owning a car alarm system or adding to your vehicle’s current system indispensable. With Arden Audio, you can rely on our outstanding service delivered by our knowledgeable staff. They are skilled and experienced to ensure if the alarm system is installed correctly.

At Arden Alarm, we recommend installing high-end car alarms. Hence we install 1-way, 2-way, and App Control car alarms. To learn more, contact Arden Audio, where our professionals will help you to decide the most appropriate alarm type ready for Berkeley streets.

Marine Audio Berkeley, CA

Arden Audio specializes in Marine Audio Systems and Electronics based in Berkeley, CA. Our Marine Audio equipment includes marine stereos, marine speakers, marine cd changers, marine subwoofers, marine amplifiers, and custom marine audio installation. Allow Berkeley’s Arden Audio to take your marine audio stereo to the next level. Understanding the extreme elements that come with the marine environment, we build our system that can perform to its maximum potential. If you love spending your time on the water in your yacht, you can make your experience more pleasurable with Arden Audio.

HID Light Installation Berkeley, CA

Are you looking to replace your broken highlights with a new pair that can slice through the dark? Then, look no further than Arden Audio Berkeley that will not only upgrade your headlights to increase your visibility, but it would also make it safer to drive at night or even at the time of inclement weather. These lights consume less power while producing a full spectrum of light. Allow Arden Audio to offer you a full line of HID Highlights as well as LED/Color bulbs. Our professionals and certified technicians perform all of our installations. With Arden Audio, all you can expect HID Lighting, LED lighting interior, and exterior automotive lighting that brings new life into your car’s headlight lenses.

Home Theatre Store at Berkeley, CA

Berkeley’s Arden Audio provides professional services across Berkeley,which lets you add sophistication with some of the finest audio equipment showcasing products from the top-notch industry brands. Get AV receivers, surround sound processors, multi-channel amplifiers, Blu-ray Players, and projectors all under one roof. Our years of experience make us one of the best home cinema specialists based in Berkeley, where our knowledgeable staff will assist you through the entire sales process along with friendly and helpful advice.

We stock a range of the top-notch home theatre systems, speakers, turntables, hi-fi separates, which will help you to get the best out of your TV or home projector system.