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Car Audio Store Santa Rosa, Ca

Arden audio is Santa Rosa’s leading online Auto Store where we offer several technologies upgraded along with replacements. Considering the full range of services which include mandatory automotive, audio, window tint, video,we cover the most to make your journey pleasant. We, at Arden Audio Santa Rosa, believe that a new stereo system can undoubtedly give you a better sound and more playback options as compared to out-dated or factory models. Our professionals at Arden Audio upgrade your car’s audio in order to give you the sound you look for with a whole lot more. Working on the mission to know the nitty-gritty of car audio, we follow the latest industry trend. Arden Audio Santa Rosa is a one-stop destination to stand by for the line brand and hire qualified and experienced installers.

Whether it’s a new GPS navigation, car stereos, car alarms, satellite radio, in-dash and rear-seat DVD systems, speakers, subwoofers, sound processors, amplifiers, sound deadening, parking sensors or front and rear parking cameras, all you can expect under one roof.

Car Stereo & Speaker Shop Santa Rosa

Gear yourself by installing a car stereo to get a satisfying experience. At Arden Car Stereo & Speaker Shop Santa Rosa, we offer vehicle-specific installation instructions, stereo installation gear, installation gear for speaker, and lifetime technical support. Since car stereo is the centerpiece of your car’s “infotainment” system, you will find a variety of new car stereos and features all under one roof. Allow professionals from Arden Audio to let you know which stereos will work in your car.

Are you looking for the best CD receivers, DVD receivers, Navigation receivers or Digital Media receivers & digital multimedia receivers? Arden audio is Santa Rosa’s leading online shop that provides unbeatable audio experience as well as flawless sound. We strive to offer custom installation services that feature advanced fabrication such as customer speaker panels, custom subwoofer enclosures, custom dash layout, as well as custom amplifier racks. Discover the best audio and alarm troubleshooting services at Arden Audio Santa Rosa, Ca.

Window Tinting Santa Rosa

With years of industry experience, Arden Audio Santa Rosa is the leading provider of Window Tinting in Santa Rosa. At Arden Audio, we house a network of skilled and professional window tinting specialists. Discover the best mobile window tinting service in Santa Rosa that can offer the best service without disrupting your busy schedule. Taking the traditional brick and mortar tinting shop one step further, we provide professional on-site service without any additional charge.

Arden Audio is fully stocked with window tinting materials from some of the top-notch brands such as Sol Control, SunGard, 3M, and many more. We use high-quality materials backed by long-term manufacturer warranties. Are you looking to reduce glare, reject heat, protect against harmful UV rays, or simply want to achieve aesthetics look and feel for your car’s windows? Our professionals at Arden Audio Santa Rosa take care of the correct procedure in order to meet your needs.

Car Alarm Installation Santa Rosa

Are you wondering if your car alarm is suitable for Santa Rosa’s streets? Santa Rosa experiences more than 5000 incidents of auto theft each year. Although most of the new cars come standard with some of the remarkable security features such as a GPS device or an immobilizer system. Security experts in Santa Rosa believe that integrating a car alarming system will be beneficial.

At Arden Audio Santa Rosa, we house some of the experienced car alarm installers that are committed to offering the remarkable service. We, at Arden Audio Santa Rosa, believe that the installers must be familiar with the car’s current wiring system. They should be equally skilled to judge if the alarm system needs to be hardwired, or in case it is a wireless model.

Are you planning to purchase one of our trusted models or you have your model to be installed? Arden Audio has years of experience to ensure that the car alarm is properly installed. Let our car alarm installers help you to decide the appropriate type of alarm for your vehicle.

Marine Audio Santa Rosa

Do you love spending your time on the water in your yacht, speedboat or other watercraft? Make your experience more pleasant with an audio/video system installation from Arden Audio Santa Rosa, Ca. Our professionals at Arden Audio Santa Rosa can install a system if your boat is less than 35 feet. Allow our team to equip your vessel with marine electronics to listen to your favoritetunes while sunbathing, fishing, or even just relaxing. We ensure that your system installed is waterproof and appropriately installed. Discover the best marine electronics installation services inclusive of MP3 Players, Marine Stereo Speakers, Bluetooth Integration, Video Screens & systems, Subwoofers, and many more.

HID Light Installation Santa Rosa

Are you planning to replace a broken headlight or old headlights? Upgrade your headlights with HID Light Installation Santa Rosa that will not only slice through the dark but make your drive safer at night or even during inclement weather. Discover the full line of HID headlights where we offer regular replacements bulbs for your car’s headlights.

At Arden Audio Santa Rosa, we strive to deliver excellent customer service. Our highly skilled technicians perform all our installations to upgrade and enhance your car.

Home Theatre Store at Santa Rosa, Ca

Arden Audio Santa Rosa is a one-stop-destination to fulfill all your AV needs. You can count on us to deliver quality products as well as exceptional service. Get top-notch home theatre and big boxes store under one roof. Are you planning to add another media room with the highest degree of style, strength, and support? Arden Audio Santa Rosa is a one-stop-shop. Some of the unique brands like Salamander Seats are ergonomically engineered that ensure the most exceptional level of comfort. Other brands like SnapAV Projection Screens, Sony Projector, and Bower & Wilkins in Wall Speakers merge your lifestyle with extraordinary Home Theatre and Media Rooms.

Trust Arden Audio Santa Rosa that strives to offer the same day installations along with the lifetime warranty on our service.