Commercial Automobile Window Tint

Party Bus Napa

Arden Audio has established itself as a leader in automobile window tinting for over a decade. From fancy sports cars to rugged SUVs we have done window tinting for our customers in Sacramento, the Bay Area, & the Napa-Valley. 

We have recently stepped into the commercial market.  Our client  brought in their party bus for tinting. Our staff advised doing a Crystalline Tint by 3M tint for the party bus since it can block 60% more heat and would be much more comfortable for the travelers. The tint was precisely cut removing the panels of the party bus. The result was meticulously clean and party bus customers are already enjoying the already warm spring in Napa while they are tasting good wine during their Napa-Valley wine tours. 

Party Bus Napa
                Crystalline 3M Window Tinting

If you are a commercial business and are in need of a window tinting for a bus or a truck, visit today. You can also call Dia at 916-971-0830. We will give you the best quality at the wholesale commercial prices.